There are three possible ways to book the station:

  • By clicking on the button on our website under “Paid Services: Bathing Beach”; 
  • By downloading the Your Beach application from the AppStore or GooglePlay Store; 
  • Searching for YourBeach directly on the Internet, at

    Once you reach the Main Page of the application or site, simply enter “Santa Fortunata Camping Village” in the search bar, specify the day of the reservation and click “SEARCH”.
    Once this is done, you can choose your preferred location, choosing from those available.
    We remind you that the station consists of 2 sunbeds or deck chairs and 1 umbrella. We also remind you that it will not be possible to book the seat for the next day(s), but only for the current day. In addition, the reservation will be made starting at 9:00 AM of the current day and will be valid for 20 minutes, within which you can reach our beach. After 20 minutes of validity, the reservation will automatically expire, eliminating itself as if it had never been made. Once the location has been chosen, it will not be possible to change it during the day and it will not be possible to transfer it to another family group or couple.

    Access to animals is strictly forbidden.

Yes, “Scoglio di Gaio”. It is a stretch of rocky ridge, which our reception staff will be happy to show you on the map. You can reach Scoglio di Gaio through a walk of a few minutes, immersed in nature.
Access to the ridge will be allowed to a limited number of people.

Entrance to animals is strictly forbidden.

Village and Glamping Area: as a general rule, Check-in can be done starting from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival; the accommodation must be vacated no later than 10:30 AM on the day of departure.

Camping area: as a general rule, Check-in can be done starting from Midday on the day of arrival; the pitch must be vacated no later than Midday on the day of departure. Should the guests wish to leave late, they can do so by paying a supplement of € 15.00, and in any case freeing the pitch no later than 6:00 PM on the day of departure. (The service is available only during the low season period).

We always advise our guests to arrive before 8:00 PM at the structure, but if this is not possible we offer the following possibility: starting from 8:00 PM you will find the night manager to welcome you at the Reception and to make your Check-in. You will then be taken to a car park with a European 6A electrical connection where you can stop for the night and from which you will have free access to the toilets. The next morning, starting at 10:00 AM you will then be accompanied to the pitch intended for you by one of our collaborators.

Inside the Santa Fortunata Camping Village you will have 2 possible payment methods:

 VILLAGE CARD: this is a prepaid card, which can be collected and recharged at the Reception. You can top up it with the amount you want whenever you want. Warning! It can be recharged ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY in cash at the Village Reception. The card has a security deposit of € 10.00. This money will be returned to you at the end of your stay together with the remaining balance of the Village Card at the time of return. 

CREDIT / DEBIT CARD: at bar, restaurant and in all the other points of sale of the structure you can pay comfortably with your credit or debit cards. We accept VISA and Mastercard.
The tourist tax, equal to € 1.50 per person (18-99 years) per night for a maximum of 7 nights, is to be paid ALWAYS AND ONLY IN CASH.

According to the provisions of Art. 109 of the TULPS (Consolidated Law on Public Security) “… the hotelier can only provide accommodation to people with an identification document” and, according to what is reported in the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic of 28 December 2000, no. 445 “Consolidated text of legislative and regulatory provisions on administrative documentation” Article 35 provides that: “Passport and driving license are equivalent to the identity card […] provided they are equipped with a photograph and a stamp or other equivalent signature, issued by a State administration.” For people travelling from a country not in the EU, it’s mandatory to exhibit the passport. Therefore, having said that, ALL travelers are required to present a valid identity document that also contains an identification photo, making the health card UNUSABLE AND INVALID FOR THE PURPOSE of the declaration of stay at the facility.
The Camping Village Santa Fortunata cannot therefore accommodate families whose documents are not presented as described above, having to send daily communication of those staying in the structure to the State Police and incurring penalties if this is not done and is not carried out. in an appropriate manner. Even for minors it is mandatory to show an identity document with photo for registration at the facility. More specifically, for unaccompanied minors, a written proxy from the parents (or legal guardian) to the delegated guardian is mandatory, in addition to the identity document.

The answer is no. Once you have booked your excursion tour for a specific day and time, it will not be possible to cancel or change the reservation, unless you give up the amount already paid for the tour and book another one, paying the full amount again. However, in the event that the TOUR ORGANIZER deems it impossible to leave for the excursion due to severe weather or rough sea conditions, you can choose to change the date; we would like to emphasize that, even if the weather conditions were not the best but the organizers believe they can leave for the tour in total safety, if you want to change the date and/or time, you would lose the entire amount paid. If for any reason (eg: road interrupted, sudden rough sea …) it is not possible to return you to the Santa Fortunata Camping Village, any accommodation and food costs will be charged to the customer.

No. At the moment we do not accept daily admissions at Santa Fortunata Camping Village. A minimum stay of 2 nights is required.

In the high season months, the Santa Fortunata FUN, our entertainment team, will be happy to keep you company, with services dedicated to all ages:

– MINICLUB: for children aged 3 to 8. (Children must have already completed three years of age at the time of registration and must be autonomous).

– JUNIOR CLUB: for children aged 9 to 12.

– TEENY CLUB: for teenagers aged 13 to 18. For adults there will be fitness activities, relax and sports tournaments. Then in the evening the appointment will beat theater for the unmissable shows.

* For more information, visit the website at

Pets are welcome on our campsite. The owners are obliged to use a leash and muzzle in all areas, make sure they do not disturb other guests and have the necessary cleaning equipment. Pets are not allowed in the following areas: in all accommodations belonging to the village and glamping area (bungalows, mobile homes, mini homes and rider tents), beaches (Lido delle Sirene and Scoglio di Gaio), swimming pool and minimarket. The restaurant is allowed access to animals only and exclusively on the outdoor terrace.

Yes, it is there. In order to guarantee all our kind Guests maximum relaxation and maximum hygiene, we have decided to introduce some simple rules:

– It is mandatory to wear a swimming cap when entering the pool (even very young children must wear it);

– It is mandatory to take a shower and rinse your feet before entering the swimming pool; – You cannot leave the swimming pool leaving the station unattended;

– We ask you to strictly respect the opening and closing times of the area, displayed at the entrance.

– We ask you to respect separate waste collection and ABSOLUTELY NOT TO INTRODUCE GLASS IN THE POOL AREA.

– Entrance to animals is strictly forbidden.

Yes. Camping Village Santa Fortunata is working hard to combat the overproduction of plastic and to respect the environment as much as possible, therefore we ask all our guests to make a correct separate collection, appropriately separating, as indicated also on the appropriate signs , all waste. Unfortunately every country have slightly different rules on sorting some waste, so we ask you to pay the utmost attention.