Capri Island is a truly suggestive location that has become famous all over the world for its splendor and includes two municipalities: Capri and Anacapri.


Capri is an island that has magnificent places and scenery, so here are some tips for a unique experience.

  • LA PIAZZETTA: Very famous all over the world and an excellent vantage point to admire part of the island from above.
  • VILLA JOVIS: Villa Jovis is one of the villas that Emperor Tiberius had built on Capri and where he retired to escape the city. Today only the ruins remain, which can be visited to enjoy a piece of history and a truly incredible view of the sea and the island.
  • SOLARO MOUNT: The highest part of Capri, from where you can see the whole island, is Monte Solaro. To reach the Monte you can opt for two solutions:
    • On foot: from Anacapri, following the marked path for 1 hour uphill;
    • By chairlift: from Anacapri, in about 10 minutes.
  • ANACAPRI: In addition to the streets adorned with flowers, in Anacapri the peculiar Red House stands out with its different architectural styles and the two churches of San Michele and Santa Sofia.
  • VILLA SAN MICHELE: The private villa of the German doctor Axel Munthe is located where a Roman villa once stood, in the most panoramic point of Capri. Inside the Villa San Michele there are very important Roman finds, such as the head of Medusa which was located at the temple of Venus in Rome.
  • I FARAGLIONI: The Faraglioni are one of the symbols of Capri: they are three large rocky boulders about 100 meters high that emerge from the blue of the waters and can only be reached by boat. The boats pass under the Faraglione di Mezzo, where lovers usually kiss each other because legend has it that it brings good luck.
  • BLUE GROTTO: The cave was already known at the time of the ancient Romans and much appreciated by the Emperor Tiberius. Admission to the inside of the cave is subject to a fee and to visit it you have to get on a small rowboat that slides through the small entrance arch.

The tour is organized as follows:

  • Pick up from the Village Camping Santa Fortunata (7:35 am – 9:30 am – 10:30 am)
  • Departure from the port of Massa Lubrense
  • Navigation for Capri Island
  • Circumnavigation of the island, with passage to the Lighthouse, the Green Grotto, Marina Piccola, Villa Malaparte, the Natural Arch, the White Grotto, the Salto di Tiberio and passage under the Faraglioni
  • Disembarkation in Marina Grande di Capri port and 5/6 hours of freedom to visit the island
  • Boarding and navigation to return to Massa Lubrense
  • Drop Off at Village Camping Santa Fortunata

The price does NOT include the landing tax in Capri, equal to Euro 2.50 per person.


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